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Barbados map

Area: 166 sq mi (430 sq km) / World Rank:188

Location: Northern and Western Hemispheres, Caribbean Sea, northeast of Trinidad and Tobago

Coordinates: 13°10′N, 59°32W

Borders: None

Coastline: 60 mi (97 km)

Territorial Seas: 12 NM (22 km)

Highest Point: Mt. Hillaby, 1,102 ft (336 m)

Lowest Point: Sea level

Longest Distances: 21 mi (34 km) N-S / 14 mi (23 km) E-W

Longest River: None of significant size

Natural Hazards: Landslides and occasional hurricanes

Population: 275,330 (July 2001 est.) / World Rank: 173

Capital City: Bridgetown, on the southwestern coast

Largest City: Bridgetown, 126,000 (2000 est.)


The second smallest country in the independent-Western Hemisphere and the most easterly of the Caribbean Island, Barbados is located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located east of the Windward Islands and about 200 km (320 miles) north-northeast of Trinidad and Tobago. The low island is composed of limestone and coral and almost completely surrounded by coral reefs underwater. Barbados is located in the Caribbean Tectonic plates. Several rocks were created internal from past seismic activity.

Barbados is mostly flat, but a series of terraces rises from the west coast to a central ridge, which ends with the highest point, Mt. Hillaby (1102 ft / 336 m), in
north-central part of the island. Cliff Hackleton at the eastern edge of the central plateau of the island rises to 1,000 feet (305 m) above sea level and extends for several kilometers. South and east of this elevated area is smaller than the Christ
Church crest. They are separated from the Valley of San Giorgio.
At one time this valley was covered by a shallow sea with each ridge forming a separate island. The west coast of Barbados Caribbean borders
Sea, and the eastern coast borders the North Atlantic Ocean. The port city of Bridgetown is Barbados only natural harbor, Carlisle Bay, south-west end of the 'island. The coast is surrounded by flat land and wide strips of sandy beach. A Ragged Point east end of the island, forming a shallow flat rocks, jagged edge to
ocean. The ends of the south and north of the island known as South Point and North Point, respectively.

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