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Austria map
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Area: 32,378 sq mi (83,858 sq km) / World Rank: 115

Location: Northern and Eastern Hemispheres, Central Europe, bordering the Slovak Republic and Hungary to the east; Slovenia and Italy to the south; Switzerland
to the west and southwest; Liechtenstein to the west; Germany to the northwest; the Czech Republic to the north.

Coordinates: 47°20′N, 13°20′E

Borders: 1,588 mi (2,562 km) / Czech Republic, 224 mi (362 km);
Germany, 486 mi (784 km); Hungary, 227 mi (366 km); Italy, 267 mi (430 km); Liechtenstein, 22 mi (35 km); Slovakia, 56 mi (91 km); Slovenia, 205 mi (330 km); Switzerland, 102 mi (164 km)

Coastline: None; landlocked

Territorial Seas: None

Highest Point: Grossglockner, 12,461 ft (3,798 m)

Lowest Point: Neusiedler See, 377 ft (115 m)

Longest Distances: 356 mi (573 km) E-W / 183 mi (294 km) N-S

Longest River: Danube, 1,775 mi (2,857 km)

Largest Lake: Neusiedler See, 124 sq mi (320 sq km)

Natural Hazards: None

Population: 8,150,835 (July 2001 est.) / World Rank: 85

Capital City: Vienna, northeastern Austria on the Danube

Largest City: Vienna, 2,072,000 (2000)

Austria map

Austria is located in the heart of Central Europe and bordering eight different countries, Austria has historically been a crossroads of political, economic and cultural. the Brenner
Pass and Danube R iver have p c Provided rucial ink ls between the Mediterranean and the lands of the Balkans south and east and north Germanic countries.
For hundreds of years, now small, landlocked, country of Austria was at the center of the great Habsburg Empire that dominated most of Europe until the First World War
Topography of Austria is dominated by Alpine mountains that extend eastward from Switzerland, which covers the western two-thirds of the country. Austria two
other major geographical regions are the highlands of Bohemia the border with the Czech Republic to the north and the eastern plains, including the Vienna basin, home
the nation's capital with the same name, which is on the banks of the Danube, Europe's second longest river. Austria is located on the Eurasian tectonic plate.

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