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Australia map
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Area: 2,966,200 sq mi (7,682,300 sq km), including island state of Tasmania.

Location: Southern and Eastern Hemispheres, southeast of Asia in the region known as Oceania, south of the Timor and Arafura Seas, between the Pacific ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Coordinates: 27° 00′ S, 133° 00′ E

Borders: No international borders.

Coastline: 22,831 mi (36,735 km)

Territorial Seas: 12 NM, exclusive economic zones extends 200 NM.

Highest Point: Mt. Kosciusko, 7,310 ft (2,228 m), highest point on the mainland / Mawson Peak, 9,006 ft (2,745 m), on Heard Island, tallest point in all Australian

Lowest Point: Lake Eyre, 52 ft (16 m) below sea level

Longest River: Darling River, 1,702 mi (2,739 km)

Largest Lake: Lake Eyre, 3,668 sq mi (9,500 sq km)

Natural Hazards: Coastal areas subject to cyclones; periodic severe drought

Population: 19,357,594 (July 2001) / World Rank: 53

Capital City: Canberra, located in off the coast in the southeast

Largest City: Sydney, 3,665,000 (2000)

Australia map

Australia is the smallest continent in the world and the only occupied by a single country, the Commonwealth Australia. It is the lowest, flattest, and driest continent, and is one of the oldest mass, bedrock exposed more than 3 billion years. It is located in the southern hemisphere and eastern Europe, southeast of Asia, between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. The sixth the largest country in the world, Australia is slightly smaller the 48 contiguous United States.
The Commonwealth of Australia has six states, including the island of Tasmania, and two territories: the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.
He also external territories, including the Coral Sea Islands, Heard and McDonald Islands, Christmas Island, Norfolk Island, the (Keeling) Islands Cocos Ashmore and Cartier Island and the Australian Antarctic Territory.
The Australian continent is made up of four general topographical regions: the coastal plain east, eastern Highlands, the Central Plains and the western plateau.
The eastern coastal plain is a low-lying region of sand after along that coast. The Eastern Highlands in general parallel to the east coast, which extends from Cape York in north to the southern edge of the continent, and emerging from the sea to form the island of Tasmania.
Most of the mountains Australia are in this region, although is far from mountains to world standards, with altitudes ranging from only 1,000 feet (300 m) to more than
7,000 feet (2,100 m). The Central Plains, an area west of the Eastern Highlands, is composed of horizontal sedimentary rock and contains the Great Artesian Basin, a
of the largest areas of internal drainage worldwide. It the basis of almost a fifth of the continent. Western Plateau, a desert region with the base of ancient rock shield,
is the largest region, which includes the approximately two thirds of the continent to the west of the Central Plains.

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